Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Final Fantasy X-2

Leaving Besaid, Yuna underwent a total makeover with a new outfit. From there, she sets out as a sphere hunter (a new craze sweeping Spira), becoming a member of the Gullwings to learn more about the sphere that features a young man with a strong resemblance to Tidus confined within a prison cell. The Gullwings' members include Rikku, a mysterious young woman named "Paine", Al Bhed child prodigy named "Shinra", Rikku's brother Brother, and his friend Buddy. Together with Rikku and Paine, the trio of girls are known as "YRP" ("YuRiPa" in the Japanese version). In the opening intro of the game scene, her Garment Grid and Songtress Dresssphere was stolen by Leblanc, who subsequently used it to impersonate Yuna. While Rikku & Paine attempted to steathly get the grid back, Yuna was forced to wear the Gullwings' "Prized" Mascot attire until her presence was required. By that time, Yuna, in her gunner dressphere, shows herself up to Rikku and Paine in their first battle with Leblanc & her goons.
Yuna displays some changes in personality in Final Fantasy X-2: while still very kind-hearted and serious about her duties and putting others first, Yuna is more open and direct. However, her friends still occasionally tease her about her habit of being a pushover, for she can never turn her back on anyone's request for some form of aid, such acts of charity as these comprising the majority of the game's side-quests and missions. Her relationships from Final Fantasy X have given her a new look at life and — freed from the responsibilities and restrictions of her former role as summoner — she is presented as a much more free-spirited person.

Her purpose for travelling with the Gullwings, however, is mainly because she hopes to find more spheres that would link with the one Kimahri found, what she hopes is a clue that Tidus is alive. Her investigations eventually lead her into the plots of Shuyin and the various opposing factions in the post-Sin Spira, particularly those of the Youth League and New Yevon. The Gullwings in general — and Yuna in particular — seek to restore some sense of unity and peace to a dangerously divided world, as well as to stop forces which would seek to damage Spira even further. The player's actions throughout the course of the game determine whether or not Yuna ever manages to reunite with Tidus, a gift to her from the fayth as thanks for having saved the world a second time.

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